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Business Services

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

​​​          Including Bank Reconciliation, Monthly Financial Statements, Journal Reports and General Ledgers.

  • ​Tax Planning

          Review of prior year returns to look for changes that may help your tax situation.

  • Sales Tax Service

​          Preparation and electronic filing of sales tax as required by law.

  • ​Payroll Check Service

          Preparation of payroll checks on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis.

​          Preparation of Federal and State Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns such as 941 and RT-6 (formerly UTC-6).

​          Preparation of forms W-3, W-3, 940, and 1099's. 

​          Workers Compensation Audit Assistance.

  • Tax Preparation

         Preparation of Federal C or S Corporation, Partnership or Non-Profit tax returns.

          Preparation of the Florida County's Tangible Tax Returns.

          Preparation of any other State's tax returns if needed.

Call and schedule a free consultation so that we may tailor our services to your specific needs. Pricing varies because each clients needs are different and we strive to keep your costs lower by assessing your company on an individual basis. 

At Ducker & Company, Inc. we know that your goal as a business owner is to generate profits and keep your company running efficiently. Listed below are the services that we can provide to you so that you may focus your time elsewhere while being confident that your books are kept accurately and forms are filed timely.